Greetings from the Headmaster

Chinatsu Mizuno

Preparing the children of Japan for stepping out into the world

As the world becomes more globalized, the needs for Japanese citizens to learn English is growing steadily.
Twenty years from now, as the borders between the global community begin to fade, English will most envitably come to serve as the primary form of communication.
In order to meet the needs of this ever growing society, here at Aichi Kokusai Academy, we seek to provide our children with a broad vision and awareness of international matters. This is provided through our progressive Japanese and English bilingual immersion studies.
In addition, by providing students with thorough Japanese language and cultural studies, we strive to carefully preserve their cultural identities as Japanese citizens.
Our goal is to provide a balanced education which does not just focus on building intelligence, but on build other skills such as artistic abilitiy, physical conditioning, and emotional awareness. Through this, we will strive to be an academy where students can be moral leaders of the international community.