Educational Information
Aichi Kokusai Bilingual School

Greetings from the Principal

Chinatsu Mizuno

Preparing the children of Japan for stepping out into the world

The government-certified Aichi Kokusai Preschool was established in 2014 in order to build children with character that meets the needs of the modern global stage. In addition, in 2015 the Aichi Kokusai Bilingual School was constructed.
Aichi Kokusai Bilingual School seeks to provide bilingual education using both English and Japanese, while following the standards of the Japanese educational system.
Our school follows Japanese educational guidelines in both Japanese and English. In addition, our facilities meet all the Japanese government official standards. We aim to provide a safe environment for our students.
At Aichi Kokusai Bilingual we put our heart into providing a unique educational experience unlike any other international schools.