Educational Information
Aichi Kokusai Bilingual School

Fees and Payments

Yearly Class Fees (All grades)

1,296,000 yen (tax Included)


  • These are the general payments.
  • People who meet certain conditions, may be eligible to pay in three installments.
    However, a fee of 3,240 yen (tax included) will be required to cover processing fees.
  • Other fees such as lunch fees and material fees will also be required.
    In addition, for those who would like to enroll their children in afterschool, additional fees will be required.
  • The fees for school uniforms and P.E. clothes will be charged seperately.


Additional Payments

Enrollment Fee and Facility Fees (paid only at the time of entry)



Lunch per month All grades 10,800(tax incl.)