AKP Preschool

20200212 Preschool Swimming Class

2 years old class.

The Kaeru group practiced putting their face in the water, floating, and flutter kick. The Kani group practiced diving, jogging, and jumping. The kids in the Kani group are getting better at jumping into the water from the pool side. The Kani group members are now walking and jogging in the water for a longer distance, 3 meters. The Kaeru group kids are practicing their balance using a smaller float.






3 to 5 years old class.

Crab: The crab class did jumps, run and face in the water.

Frog and Crab B: They did running, crab walk, and floating in the water.

Level 14 A&B: They did floating in the water, face in and out the water, and wall kicks.

Level 13 A&B: They practiced face in the water and crawl with and without floating board.

Level 12: They practiced breathing and crawl with face in the water.

Level 11-9: They practiced breathing facing sideways and upwards. They practice crawl with board.

Level 8: They kicked on their back with their hands to the side and upwards.

Level 1: She practiced the four combinations, that is back and breast strokes, butterfly and crawl.