AKP Preschool

20200226 Preschool Swimming Class

2 years old class.

The Kaeru group practiced floating and flutter kick with their heads submerge in the water. The Kani group practiced jogging in the water, floating, and diving. The kids were able to stretch their legs while doing floating and flutter kick. They have grown better compared to last week`s practice. Next week, parents are invited to observe the children`s swimming practice.





3 to 5 years old class.

Crab class did floating and pick up the ring in the water. Frog class run in the water and float. Class 14 face in and out and kick using blue board. Class 13 face in and kick without the blue board. Class 12 face out and kick with blue board. Then they did one hand crawl stroke with blue board. Class 11 and 10 did crawling with blue board and crawl combination. Class 9 and 8 crossed hands and kick as back style and they also did back style combination. Class 1 did crawl, breast stroke, butterfly, back style, and combination of all strokes. And then they also did butterfly combination.