AKP Preschool

20201216 Preschool Swimming Class

2 years old class.

Today was the last pool for the year. In the beginner class, some kids were still scared of the water, while some kids took the challenge and tried their best. In the intermediate class, the kids tried opening their eyes while swimming, they also used the flutter board while gliding into the water. The routine that they do is getting more and more difficult. As this is the last pool for the year, the kids could play a lot, as their reward.





3 to 5 years old class.

Crab class practiced jumping into the water and walking through it.

Frog class practiced floating face up. They also practiced holding onto the coach’s shoulder and floating.

14 Class practiced floating face down in the water and kicking while on the blue board.

12 Class practiced holding their breath and freestyle swimming with and without the blue board.

We did the grade test this time. Everybody did their best.