Admission Information

Regarding the Scholarship System

Scholarship Introduction Information

In order to encourage more students to become workers in the global community , we have decided to introduce the Aichi Kokusai Bilingual School scholarship system to support students growth and development. Students that meet the necessary requirements and are have gained the approval of the principal will be entitled to enter the elementary school as a scholarship student. For more details, please see the requirements listed below.


Headmaster:Chinatsu Mizuno

<Requirements for Becoming a Scholarship Student>

・Children must be currently enrolled at the Aichi Kokusai Preschool
・Children must meet the education ideals of the Aichi Kokusai Gakuen.
※A student that shows strong potential as a leader in the global community and demonstrates strong language ability (Japanese and English with Eiken level 3 or above) .
・A househole that understands and supports the educational activities of Aichi Kokusai Gakuen.


<Number of Eligible Scholarships>

・1 to 2 per year


<Scholarship Benefits>

・600,000 yen will be waived from the 1,200,000 yen tuitional fee.
※Students must meet the academic and daily lifestyle expectations after entering the school.
※Please acknowledge that students will be continually evaluated every school year.